Your search bar is a gold mine!

Increase your conversion by showing relevant search results.

The chance that visitors to your webshop will become buyers is three times greater when these visitors use site search on your web shop. That makes a super fast and intelligent search engine an indispensable part of every webshop. Wiser Search allows visitors to your shop super fast and super smart search, but above all ... they will find what they are looking for!

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Instant results

When you start typing, Wiser Search immediately shows the most relevant results. When you continue typing, more relevant search results are displayed in an instant.

Super fast search results

Wiser Search increases your conversion because your customer gets faster and more relevant search results. The speed is independent of the number of products and the amount of content. By cleverly dealing with caching, every new search is even faster than the previous one.


Know what your customers are looking for through the extended keyword statistics. Or better yet ... what is being looked for without your customer getting a desired search result. Knowing this allows you to expand your synonym list or perhaps even your assortment.

Error tolerance

If spelling errors should occur, the spelling corrector in that case ensures that the search takes place using the right term. 'Giutar’ will be corrected to ‘Guitar’ without having to do anything.

Synonym list

Suppose you have a web store where you sell clothes. Potential customers are probably looking for both pants and trousers. It would be a shame if you would miss out on customers. The extensive synonym list of Wiser Search is in that case an indispensable solution.

Intelligent filters

Using filters let customers refine search results instantly in order to reach their goal quicker. Wiser Search offers you several filter types like multiple choice filter, price slider or color filter.

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